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Reject~Fairy Tail Fanfic. OC Chp 8
Chapter 8 ~ Taken
The guild hall was in an uproar. The entire inside has been trashed, people were lying all over the place, out cold, and the bar had been destroyed. Mira look royally pissed that all the plates and cups were smashed. Some people were standing by the stage, and others were rushing about. Erza and I stood at the door in shock and rage. Who the hell would even think about trashing the guild hall?
I think I know.
“What happened!?” Erza demanded, stepping into the guild, people didn’t even pay her any attention.
“Some guy came through and trashed the place,” Gray said, walking through the mess with Natsu (Who looks like he was gunna spontaneously combust), Happy and Lucy, who was holding Nikki in her arms.
“Let me guess. He had a cloak on and had a white sickle,” I crossed my arms and leaned my weight on one foot. I was getting really sick of this guy.
“Yup,” Gray nodded, “He was strong, and really fast,”
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Reject~Fairy Tail Fanfic. OC Chp 7
Chapter 7 ~ The note
*One Month Later*
During the last month, I have been on countless missions, some high paying and others not. Sometimes, Team Natsu would come with me, mainly so Lucy can stock up enough Jewel to pay her rent, I hadn’t found a place yet so I just bunk out at hotel. I had being using all three of my Dragon Slayer Magic in the past mouth and my magic has increased at an alarming rate. Some of the towns gave me presents as well, like the katana that is strapped to my back and a necklace with the teeth of a monster I killed hanging from them. Speaking of the katana, I’m gunna have to get Erza to teach me how to use it effectively.
I was currently walking through Magnolia after returning from a mission where I had to take out a group of bandits that had been stealing from a village. It was an easy job, one swipe from my Storm Dragon: Claw and they were sent flying, I also had to return all the goods stolen. As I walked through Magnolia, people stopped, stared
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Reject~Fairy Tail Fanfic. OC Chp 6
Chapter 6 ~ Training
I slowly opened my eyes, blinking and trying to clear my vision, I was on the floor on the guild hall, I could tell that much from the ceiling. My head was slightly elevated and felt cold. Not too cold but the nice kind of cold that you get from the flip side of your pillow and the lower half of my body was overly heated. I sat up and looked behind me and saw Gray’s mostly naked body, I blushed profusely. I tried to move but my legs wouldn’t budge, I looked down at my legs to see Natsu splayed out across them, hugging one to his chest. I groaned and face-palmed, trying to hide my super red face. What is with these guys? I carefully untangled my legs from Natsu’s grip and moved away, Natsu started muttering something under his breath. I leaned in to see if I could interoperate what he was saying, suddenly he’s fist shot up, aiming for my face.
“Fire…Dragon….. Iron…..Fist,” His fist hit my face and I went flying a
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Reject~Fairy Tail Fanfic. OC Chp 5
Chapter 5 ~ Something Lurks
The trip back to the guild was uneventful, except for Natsu bringing up his lunch on the train… EW.  I was wearing the cloak that Natsu brought me, it was very soft and cosy and keeps the warmth in. On the train back to the guild hall, I kept the hood down for we were the only ones in this carriage of the train, it was nice. Not having to hide my appearance from people but of course I’ll have to hide it again when I get to Magnolia. I didn’t want a repeat of what happened in the small town where we killed the monster. Thinking about how the townsfolk and the mayor reacted to my appearance dulled my mood, it hurt when I thought about what they said, how could they call me a monster without even knowing who I am or where I come from. Granted, I don’t remember anything except for my dragons but still.
“Attention all passengers, we are now entering the Magnolia Train Station. Please stay seated,” The attendant called over
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Reject~Fairy Tail Fanfic. OC Chp 4
Chapter 4 ~ Wild Animal
Third Person P.O.V.
Bellatrix exploded from the clouds, arms out in front as she locked her fingers, forcing the ice swords together. Wendy positioned herself then recited the spell needed.
“O strengthen of arm to cleave the heavens! ARMS!” She shouted, Erza looked towards the falling girl and sensed her magic power being increased incredibly, Erza noticed the whirlwinds appear and disappear at Bella’s feet, sending the Neko hurtling towards the ground at tremendous speed.
“Natsu! Gray! Get out of the way!” Erza, Lucy and Wendy yelled at the same time, the boys scrambled out of the way just as Bellatrix landed her hit on the monster. Dust and dirt flew out everywhere, causing the team to shield their eyes. Once the dust vanished, the team looked over to find Bellatrix on all fours, flicking her tail, her ears where laid back, flat against her head and she was bearing her fangs like a wild animal. The monster lay behind her, dead.
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Reject~Fairy Tail Fanfic. OC Chp 3
Chapter 3 ~ Plummeting toward the ground
Third P.O.V
“WHAT THE-” Everyone cried out in unison. Natsu had just stumbled and fallen on Bellatrix’s cloak and tore it off. Bellatrix stood there, her eyes closed, paralysed with fear as her new companions took her in. She looked like a normal human except for the black cat ears that rested in her black and white streaked hair and the black cat tail that emitted from the base of her spine. Her Exceed, Nikki, was still curled up, asleep around her neck. Oblivious to what was happening.
“You’re half cat?” Lucy was perplexed, in all her time in Fairy Tail, on all the wild adventures she’s had, she’s never seen anything like this before.
“No way,” Happy and Carla whispered.
“That is SO COOL!” Natsu had recovered from his motion sickness and was now jumping all around Bellatrix.
“Y-you think I look cool?” Bellatrix, still with her eyes closed, didn’t know whe
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Reject~Fairy Tail Fanfic. OC Chp 2
Chapter 2 ~ Teaming Up
These guys really know how to party. The same things were happening from when I first walked into the guild; fighting, drinking and throwing food but it was done on a higher and more ferocious level.
“These people are nuts,” Nikki remarked, I sighed.
“Yeah, I know. But we need to be in a guild to be able to get Jewels for a house,” I replied.
“Speaking of Jewels,” Nikki twisted her head to look at me with her abnormal, jade green eyes, “Shouldn’t we be getting onto doing some jobs?”
I nodded and stood up from the table, the chair scrapped alone the ground and the whole Guild immediately stopped their brawling and looked at me. I calmly and carefully made my way around the broken tables and food piles and stood on front of the request board. Despite everyone in the Guild looking at me, I felt excitement rise up from my stomach and bubble around inside of me. This would be my first official job. I had earned Jew
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Reject~Fairy Tail Fanfic. OC
Chapter 1 ~ Joining Fairy Tail
They were a rowdy bunch, I could see that as soon as I walked through the door. Everyone was fighting, drinking and throwing food everywhere. I stood in the door way of a guild famous for destroying things and for their powerful wizards, Fairy Tail. They hadn’t noticed me yet so I quietly slipped through the crowed, I had a black cloak that covered my face and the rest of my body, effectively hiding myself, and found their Master sitting on the bar talking to a pretty girl with long white hair and blue eyes. The masters’ name was Makarov Dreyar and he is one of the ten wizard saints.
“Excuse me?” I quietly interrupted their conversation. Makarovs’ small form turned to face me, so did the pretty girl.
“Yes, my dear? What is it?” Makarov asked with a genuine smile on his face. I was a bit taken back. Usually when I try to talk to someone, they give me a dirty look and a rude comment.
“I was wondering if I woul
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Sting and Rogue by TeagenM Sting and Rogue :iconteagenm:TeagenM 0 0 Nalu by TeagenM Nalu :iconteagenm:TeagenM 7 0 Hmmm by TeagenM Hmmm :iconteagenm:TeagenM 0 1 The Villian by TeagenM The Villian :iconteagenm:TeagenM 1 0 Zerefs Mad by TeagenM Zerefs Mad :iconteagenm:TeagenM 3 0 Zancrow by TeagenM Zancrow :iconteagenm:TeagenM 1 0


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I lost my virginity on the train tracks to a girl named Arietty.  It had been her idea to do it in the shadow of an old factory where a weathered word on the back wall mumbled MEDUSA.  One day after three glasses of scotch, my dad told me that in his day a whore that went by Polly Pocket used to operate there.  She’d give all the boys handjobs over their pants; she was the real Medusa
Arietty was the kind of girl who put on her lip gloss in class but wore sneakers year-round.  We swore to each other that we would get married after going away to college—I was going north and she was going west—and live in the big city.  I was naive back then, but I’d convinced myself that the orange-haired girl from second period math was the only one.
“I wonder how many trains have gone by this spot,” she whispered beneath me as I fumbled with my zipper.  I was wondering how long I could last, but I didn’t tell her that.
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The Bird
"Found a bird in delta." I say.
  John doesn't stir, so I repeat.
  "Said a bird flew in. Little scrawny thing, but it got in."
  "Can't of."
  "What I thought. But it did."
  I can hear John stretch out in the bunk above me, the ancient springs groaning as his body and muscles shift across them.
  "Where's the leak?"
  "Sally's looking. Be in delta though - can't of got through a bulkhead."
  "Better not be delta two."
  I nod, because neither of us want it in delta two.
  "What sort of bird?"
  "Little scrawny bastard, don't know. Could look him up."
John swings himself off the top bunk, and sits down on the end of my bed to do his boots up.
  "Nah. Still loose?"
  "Think so."
  "Hope he gets out."
  And then we laugh, because it's just such a normal thing to think, because birds should be out, shouldn't they?
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